Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Shire 7 Week 2 Term 3 2020

Why do things float?

Shire 7 learned about density and displacement, I wonder if you remember and can explain it to a friend?
Then we designed and created a raft. We were given 10 straws, 4 rubber bands, some modelling clay, 5 meters of string and masking tape. Our design brief said we needed a flag and that the raft needed to stay afloat for at least 30 seconds holding as many 10 cent coins as possible. Here are some photos of us making our rafts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Room 13: Tuesday 12th May

Fern has created this beautiful piece of art using leaves. Very creative Fern! The bats are very cool and I love the colour of the night sky. Well done!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Room 15: Rāhina & Rātū/ Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th May

Oscar has gotten straight into his learning this week by creating his poetry book and his also completed is magic maze.
Lena has been busy at work doing math and writing. 



Laki has also been doing his math and working on his place value knowledge.


Dan has been busy reflecting on what the differences in level three and four and working on his place value knowledge as well. 


Callum has been busy designing an obstacle course and creating silly sentences!

Gala has been busy writing as well!
Monday 11 may

Creative writing

Scary dinosaur
Haunted house
Gets eaten by something

Once upon a time there  was a dinosaur called bob he lived in a haunted house and one day he went outside for some fresh air and he saw a big big other dinosaur and he ran to the lake and he didn't know what to do. The big dinosaur came up to him and said nothing. The smaller dinosaur looked relieved and sat down by the lake. But then the bigger dinosaur came up behind him and gobbled him up crunch crunch “yummy yum” he said and the bigger dinosaur walked away. ~THE END~


What was it like moving to level 3 ?  

We went to my nana’s house  in morrinsville at level 4 and at level 3 we went back to our house in auckland this is because we were allowed  to drive to another place. I got to play on my trampoline and we went to the beach a couple of times.